UK Pomskys Common questions by Chery

Where are you located?
We are in hereford uk.

How much is a dog?
We charge £750 a pomsky puppy.

Pomsky puppies UK

How do I reserve a pup?
We don’t operate waiting lists and try to match peoples requirement to the pup (gender/colours/markings etc)
We give selected people up to 4 weeks to decide if they like the pup that they choose. There are a few reasons why we wait four week, pimarily it is because we want to make sue that the puppies are healthy and viable. We have some idea of the markings they will have and what size they will grow to. But mainly it give us time to check out the human that come along and see if they match the character of the dogs.
A deposit of £250 to hold pup of your choice is then taken at 4 weeks old
Pups are ready to go to their new homes at 8 weeks.

What’s an F1?
F1 (first generation) is Female Husky to Male Pomeranian.
Size on a F1 can be anything from 6kgs to 17kgs and a possibility of some smaller and some bigger … this is a cross breed and we can not guarantee size outcome at this stage but we can however tell you which will have a bigger outcome and a smaller outcome

…..and an F2?
F2 (second generation) is Female Pomsky to Male Pomeranian
F2 is expected to start mid 2014 and should be a smaller more stable smaller sizes from 5kgs to 10 kgs this is because they will be 3/4 pom and 1/4 husky

Are they trainable?
Pomskys are trainable but some can be harder then others this would be because some have more husky traits then others …. they are high energy but do not have the stamina of a full blooded husky but they are not lap dogs ether.

What are they like around children and other animals?
Pomskys are very people friendly and adore children and love the attention from passers by lol …. they also mix well with big dogs and small dogs and dogs of any kind and tend to grovel when meeting them
Pomskys are great around cats if you bring them up with them like most dogs .

Do they Malt?
Pomskys blow there coats and need regular grooming.

Are they noisy?
Pomskys do bark and Howl … they will let you no if someone is coming or if there is something they don’t like or just to get your attention … they will also howl if feeling lonely or with singing and will also mumble when talking to them.

Can I leave them on their own?
Huskys are pack dogs so they like the company of other dogs …Pomeranians are needy and live for people…. so both breeds do not do great when left on there own for to long … we do however have a few that cope very well with this … so with the question are they ok to be left for long periods of time on there own…. i would hate to say …but i would hate to also say this about any breed not just the pomsky.

What about diet?
Pomskys can have a sensitive tummy this comes from the husky side it is controllable with the right diet and not all of them have it, to settle their stomachs we recommend rice and chicken with sweet potatoes also natural yoghurt will help …. no known health issue

What are their birth lines like?
All are bitches come from top international champion show line and are all bred by Consuelo Abel who is on this group and is also the Pomsky breeder …..she has breed huskys for over 18 years.

Can we see them?
We do have meet ups so people can come down and meet the dogs as we like people to be 100% sure on getting 1 and what they are. We really encourage this as many people change their minds about what they want after meeting the pomskys especially with regards to size.
The next meet up is expect to be January 2014 in Hereford. Nothing is confirmed yet. Once it is, details will be posted on the group.

How do I get on the waiting list?
We dont have waiting lists but if any pups are available then this will be posted on this group, we also are trying to keep promises to the long term members of the group as we like to get a feel for the people we sell to and try to make judgements on how we get on with them.
Because these pups are relatively new and have become highy sought fter we need to advise it can take a hile as we cant breed like a toy production line. Each bitch has a season eery 6 months but not bred on each season and each bitch can produce 6-8 pups. Each litter is very delicate and takes a lot of man hours before 8 weeks when they can leave for their new homes. (-Karen)
We are hopefully expecting 2 litters in November, and 3 more next year.
Do you ship to other countries?
Shipping is not something we have looked at properly just yet and we do not intend to until after litter 6 …all countries have different rules on this but coming from the uk dose seem to be easier then coming from other country but i would hate to say atm.

If you do get a pup from us then we would like updates on there weight and behaviour and also some pictures until they are 1 years of age this is for research on connies 5 year plain

We also offer full support on your dogs if or when you need it.

We do have thousands of pictures on here of pups and fully grown pomskys … the wall gets very messy so if you are looking for these then you will see photos to the top… for people on there phone simply click the picture of the dogs at the top of the page and this will take you to options.

Yes pomsky are cute and a very big hit at the moment but can i also remind you that owning a dog is a big responsibility and not to be taken lightly so please plenty of thinking and asking questions to find out if this is the dog for you and your household.

What is Pomsky Dog?

A Pomsky is a Pomeranian cross Siberian Husky this means that it can carry the genes of Pomeranian aswell as Huskys ….sizes are very erratic and can be very small but can also be small husky size.

Pomsky puppies

Thanks image from uk pomsky

Thanks image from uk pomsky

Thanks image from uk pomsky

We find that this is linked to color markers for example Husky markings can mean the more Husky genes so the bigger the out come …the more Pom like in colour for example more solid the colour the smaller the out come …in f2 second gen Pomsky Puppies will be smaller as they will carry more Pom gene than Husky. Thanks information from UK Pomsky.

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Pomsky Puppies For Sale

Pomsky is Hybrid Dog. Pomsky puppies cross between Pomeranian and Siberian Husky.

pomsky puppies for sale

Pomsky puppies for sale is very rare because it’s not a purebred dog. In the future, I think that when Pomsky can breed, you will easy to find pomsky puppise for sale.